Although Anthony Weiners’ numbers have gone limp after recent revelations about Carlos, a sports celebrity has faced no shuch backlash.

George Burgess is an English-born player in the National Rugby League of Australia, where he plays for the Sydney Rabbitohs. He has a twin brother, Tom, who also plays on the same team and two other brothers — Sam and Luke — who are also ruggers. At 6-5 and 21 years old, George is a stud. How much of a stud was revealed when two nude self-portraits of himself wound up on someone’s Twitter account and have gone viral. We may never know what Mrs. Burgess fed her four sons but what we can say for sure is that the Burgess brothers — Sam, Luke and twins Tom & George — are each hefty Australian rugby players and together, the hottest siblings on Earth.


The Burgess Brothers



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When I lived in Washington DC the Washington Rugby Club hung out at Micky’s Bar two doors down from my apartment. It did not take me long to discover the joys of rugby. The game was intense to watch or play (I played summer sevens one year). MOre important were the post games drinking binges. Nothing like a little liquor to dull the pain of a good game. Even thought were was a great deal of contact during the parties, no other sport allows for as much on the field contact.





39856_1156248682487_1715825008_306464_227638_nThis past week marked a milestone in my life. Twenty years since I met Ed Briggs. The most amazing many I have ever met.I am happy to say, now husband. I am looking forward to the summer with the Supreme Court makes us legal across the land.I met Ed in 1993 at the National March on Washing for Gay and Lesbian Rights, Or the March. Although he had been at a party I hosted the night before, so were 1800 other men. When we did meet, it was literally a one in a million chance. According to estimates there were a million people on the Mall that day to march for GLBT equality.

There were groups marching representing differing geographic locations, fetishes, sports and gender preferences. I was looking for people with the leather community when I ran into some men that I had met at a FFA party on Thursday night. Although hot, hot, men, by the time Sunday rolled around I was just plain wiped-out . That along with the fact that I had a dozen people staying in my small basement apartment meant no privacy.

In an attempt to make a graceful exit, I notice a cute little stud on the hill about 50 feet away. Feigning surprise I told the guys that I just spotted a friend that I had net seen in years. I made a bee-line over to him, gave him a hug as I whispered in his ear; “I’ll give you $20 bucks if you pretend that you know me and walk out of sight of the guys behind me. He did, we walked away together and have been walking together every day for the past 20 years. He never did ask for the $20.

The funny thing is that later when Going through pictures I had taken that day, I found a picture of him from before we met.

We spent the rest of the day together having dinner at Mr. Henry’s on Capitol Hill. In one of the first signs of Synchronicity,  one of the people staying with me during the march had been dating Ed’s friend he came to the march with. Having spent almost 19 years with this man I will have more to write about and the things I have learned. But as a quick introduction, when we met Ed was active with the Spartan Wrestling Club in Philadelphia where he lived. For the first year, one or the other of us made the trip to Philly or DC every weekend. We finally moved into together in Philly then a year later moved to Florida.

To celebrate the occasion, We spent a week in Spain. Maybe it’s a sign of age, but I preferred the city of Madrid to Barcelona.

Dave and Ed at Gaudi Park in Barcelona

Dave and Ed at Gaudi Park in Barcelona


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About twenty years ago I went to Mardi Gras and stayed with my oldest (long term) friend Scott Newman. Scott had been after me to come try this card reader. He was trying to figure her out because she was so good and on target. He thought she was the real deal. As a person who has seen and talked to dead people since I was very young I love to debunk frauds and others when ever necessary so they don’t do harm. He took me to Jackson Square where she has a booth and I paid my $20. She did a tarot spread which I recognized from doing my own readings. She looked at me and then the cards and back at me. FInally she asked if there is some one in my life – name beginning with the letter “J”. I responded “Lady that is not even a 1 in 12 shot since there are are more Jack and Judy and Janet’s than Xenna’s. She blurted back ok Jeff. I was taken back. Jeff was the name of the kid I was dating at the the time. Seems like every time one of us wanted to settle down the other one did not. Went on like this for two years. I responded back to the woman “Maybe”. not wanting to give to much away. She said that he and I had been at it for 5000 years and we still couldn’t get it right. Along with some other things she said I was convinced that she was the real deal. Before I left she said my life would be changed in a month or so. A month and a half later I met. Ed.

The story doesn’t end there. I went back for Southern Decadence that year and was walking through Jackson Square. The woman recognized me from six months earlier and wanted to read my cards again. (I don’t think she need cards to read.) I went over to her booth and was told that I was not dating that kid anymore but had indeed found a soul mate. By that time Ed and I were and solid item. So maybe after twenty years I still believe that I have a soul mate and I can relax a bit.


Welcome back

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It has been several months since we have done a real up date. Mostly due to the fact that the depression returned and I didn’t want to bore you with whining. The difference is that this week I think I have reached a fork in the road and things are going to get better. Therapy is doing well. Not so much giving me answers but at least giving me the tools to help identify root problems and set goals for getting past them.

I’ve completed an article for the Watermark Newspaper that should publish soon unless they want me me to go deeper. Very interesting article, on a support group for HIV + people with addiction. I’ll post it or a link when it publishes. I learned a lot from those people and that is helping turn a corner. Bottom line for me is I let myself get out of shape and I refuse to acknowledge that I am ok over weight. I do not buy into the whole embrace your bigness.

A decade ago the bear community was made up of men who were hairy and the Mirth and girth were their own community. Somehow they merged and now we are told we need to accept the overweight as the norm. No me. My belief for some time has been that we are spirits having a human experience. One thing we need to learn is to control our bodies. This is the root of the depression in one area. I lack the discipline to get control of the body. The weight causes half my medical problems and the look causes part of the depression. I am not use to failure.

This week marks twenty years since Ed and I met. In that time I feel like I have lost 150 lbs (and gained 175) I know what I need to do so why can’t I just do it? We are celebrating this week by taking a trip to Spain. When we get back I am not dieting again. It will be a lifestyle change. Moderating processed foods and making cardio and exercise a daily habit. In the meantimes enjoy some updates from Madrid and Barcelona. Our anniversary gift to each other. I am very lucky to have found a soul mate. Maybe the next post will be about the card reader in New Orleans and her spin on Ed. Then Madrid.

5919365.fdd95728.560 12179166.bbd5cb58.560 Bagged_560 Enlisting in the Marines, 1941

tumblr_m246j3rCXb1qds9jco1_500tumblr_m1uu6uAsjG1rsxs6eo1_500 tumblr_m246iaCZsN1qds9jco1_500 tumblr_lz2repziS91rod3w3o1_1280 Tab Hunter & Roddy McDowell in the kitchen

In her day job, Alliance Defense Fund lawyer provides free legal work for Christians working to thwart LGBT rights.  But her other job of producing child pornography just won her eight felony convictions.

Lisa Biron, 43, was accused of videotaping the girl (Her daughter) having sex with two men. Biron faced eight federal indictments on charges of child sexual exploitation, transporting a child across state lines to produce child pornography and possession of child pornography, and was convicted on all of them after the jury deliberated for less than an hour.

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As she was being led away to await her likely lengthy prison sentence, Biron was heard blaming her 14 year-old victim.

RELATED: The Alliance Defense Fund is continuing to scrubtheir Facebook page of mentions of their star attorney and is banning anybody who dares mention her name.

UDPATE: The identity of the victim in the case had been shielded ever since Lisa Biron was arrested as is the standard for victims of sexual abuse. The Associated Press isnow reporting that the victim was her daughter.




Our Men in uniform  From 2cents down under!

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