Meeting Ed

Posted: October 27, 2011 in book, Introduction, My History
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Ed and I in 1993

There area a few people who have played a significant part in my life during the AIDS-years. Andrew, Scott, Stephen. The most important of them, and the one who changed my outlook the most is Ed. Ed is my partner, soul mate, and in several states, my lawful husband.

Quilt displayed at the 93 March or Washington

I met Ed in 1993 at the National March on Washing for Gay and Lesbian Rights. Or the March. Although he had been at a party I hosted the night before, so were 1800 other men. When we did meet, it was literally a one in a million chance. According to estimates there were a million people on the Mall that day to march for GLBT equality.

The boys I was talking to right before I met Ed

There were groups marching representing differing geographic locations, fetishes, sports and gender preferences. I was looking for people with the leather community when I ran into some men that I had met at a FFA party on Thursday night. Although hot, hot, men, by the time Sunday rolled around I was just plain wiped-out . That along with the fact that I had a dozen people staying in my small basement apartment meant no privacy.

In an attempt to make a graceful exit, I notice a cute little stud on the hill about 50 feet away. Feigning surprise I told the guys that I just spotted a friend that I had net seen in years. I made a bee-line over to him, gave him a hug as I whispered in his ear; “I’ll give you $20 bucks if you pretend that you know me and walk out of sight of the guys behind me. He did, we walked away together and have been walking together every day for the past 18 plus years. He never did ask for the $20.

The funny thing is that later when Going through pictures I had taken that day, I found a picture of him from before we met.

We spent the rest of the day together having dinner at Mr. Henry’s on Capitol Hill. In one of the first signs of Synchronicity, one of the people staying with me during the march had been friends with the friend Ed came down to the march. Having spent almost 19 years with this man I will have more to write about and the things I have learned.

Ed at a Wrestling Demo At Woodies in Philly

But as a quick introduction, when we met Ed was active with the Spartan Wrestling Club in Philadelphia where he lived. For the first year, one or the other of us made the trip to Philly or DC every weekend. We finally moved into together in Philly then a year later moved to Florida.

Along with Ed there were three other major players in my life during the early AIDS days. Two ex’s, Andrew and Steven and a best friend, Scott to meet over next few weeks.

  1. Patrick says:


    I’m guessing Ed’s friend that you mention is me. Can we finally put to rest the myth I was dating the guy who was staying with you? Regardless of what anyone may have said, we never dated.


    Correction Made.

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