The 99% Health Care

Posted: November 1, 2011 in book, Current Events, My History, Picture of the Day
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I'm part of the 99%

This picture form the 99% project strikes too close to home for me. After law school I enrolled in the American Bar Association Health Plan. After a couple years in Washington DC and then Philadelphia, we moved to Florida. After about four year in Florida my rates started to escalate. A little at first then, I found myself paying $1700 a month between premiums and co-pays. A couple years later it had risen to $2200 per month. I had maxed out all my credit cards just trying to keep prescription drug coverage. Now, close to $40,000 in debt from trying to keep my prescription coverage I gave up and went on disability.

Posters form Toronto advertising against corporate welfare proposals funded by cuts to social programs

I am now stuck. I cannot work full time since that would disqualify me for disability and I cannot get insurance due to “pre-existing conditions”. Somehow the republicans would tell me that this is my fault.

They are right. I have chosen to live rather than die and that choice has bankrupted me. I can continue to help people with legal situations pro bono but if I accept money I risk loosing disability. And honestly, after decades of toxic medication, two rounds of Chemo and other experimental therapies, the body probably could not work full time. But I want the chance to try to feel useful again. Even if I could work, I would not be able to get insurance. I would be back at square one. The system is set up in such a way as to trap people. Either give up all hope of being a useful member of society or die. Nice choice. I am part of the 99 %.


  1. J says:

    Love your blog, great stories- you’ve lead an endlessly fascinating life it seems!

    You write the above post in the present tense- is this your current situation? Cases like yours and the guy in the photo make me so angry.

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