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Posted: November 14, 2011 in Current Events, My History
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Shock and sadness for whom?

As all the hand-wringing continues over the Sandusky continues I am left with so many thoughts. I have written and re-written this story a hundred times in my head. Yes, Sandusky and the staff at Penn State are, in the best possible light, scum. Are they really any different than the rest of America?
Sure it is easy to sit back with great indignation and pontificate over the moral lapses. But how many times have you ignored pain. The first time I was molested raped, I was 6 or 7. My babysitters’ oldest son lured me downstairs and force me to have oral sex. A few days later it was him and a friend and after that, him and a few friends. Russell Rowling, 17 at the time, of Hillcrest Heights used me to “entertain” his friends. Although never penetrated anally, it was scary and I was threatened with violence if I ever said anything. One time one of the boys hurt me. When Mrs Rowling asked why I was crying I told her that one of Russell’s friends hurt me. I did not say how or what else happened. She yelled at me for going downstairs and the next day Russell was gone. I never saw him again and nothing else happened. I was still to frightened to say anything.
A few years later I was caught in a similar situation when the older brothers (one was Johnny Tester) of a friend came over to play basketball. They had some other friends with them. After playing ball for a little bit someone announced that they had their dads porn. We all hoped over the back ball into the bushes. After seeing my first porn, one of the guys came up behind me rubbing his dick. Then one of the Tester boys grabbed me and I ended up being forced to service them. I was told that if I said anything I would be dead. Their father was a cop and I believed that he would protect them. They said it would be my word against theirs and there was more of them. These were all memories that were bottled up for years. But these stories are familiar to way to many people. In the Sandusky story, it appears that his wife should have known what was going on. In too many cases spouses and other family members stay silent in an effort to “protect”  and maintain the family.
As I grew older I have come to see that these kinds of thing are everyday occurrences in every town in America. The difference in Sandusky case and my raps was the age difference and the fact that no one involved in my rapes was famous. But lets jump forward a little. In the late 1970’s I saw up close and personal the life of the run-aways on the streets of DC. They were everywhere. Once you knew what to look for they were easy to spot. The boys and girls forced to live on the streets. They do what is necessary to make it through the day and night. Does it really make a difference that a person throws them a $20 when they are finished using them? Really? And where is the outcry over that? I tried to get the media interested in their plight. I even had Carole Simpson (back when she was just a reporter) from ABC driving around and showing her the what’s and where. She was only was interested in a story if it involved politicians or some other way to glamorize a scandal. Since clearly teenagers selling their bodies to stay alive was not a scandal itself to the american viewing audience. She wanted to do a story about it from the angle of a foreign agent trying to get dirt on politicians at the Chesapeake House Bar. A few years later the FBI arrested one of the people for spying for Israel. Even the gay media in DC tried to gloss over the story. That was 1979. Have thing really changed since? I volunteered as a Guardian ad Litem in Dependency Court. The stories replay themselves on a regular basis. Kinds suffering abuse at the hands of adults, usually family, and those that should tell, Don’t. Those that should protect, ignore.
The Sandusky story once again shows that as a society there is no empathy for the victims. Only the perverse joys of watching the famous go down in flames. That is the real tragedy of this story.

  1. Joe Probus says:

    I remember the story ” Strippers & Spy’s” on the local new I remembered it as the Cafe Naples but I stand corrected.

    As far as child rape times have changed and I would like to think things are better.

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