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Posted: January 9, 2012 in Advice, My History, Sports
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Like most things in my life, I put off tasks until I am confronted with a deadline. Thus are my New Years resolutions. I have found numerous reasons to avoid them and finally acquiesced in facing them.  I think there are three resolutions for the year.

First, I resolve to make this the last year I resolve to “get in shape.” For as long as I member I have made this resolution and year after year I fail. I fail for three main reasons. One is that I never really define what the term means. Second I do not set realistic expectations. And third, I lack discipline to really change.

So this year I do it right. As I mentioned earlier I had put on serious weight over the years.. Over the past year I dropped 40 pounds and considered the year a failure. I dropped 7 inch’s off my stomach; 6inch’s off the waist and an inch from the neck and considered the year a failure. I beat myself up over the failure of not achieving my ideal weight/body-fat/look in twelve months. I thought I could set aside 18 years of wedding cake in twelve months. This year my goals are a bit more modest.

Today at the gym I talked to Rob Terry. Yes, I want to be built like Rob Terry. What I have to remember is that he did not become 297 pounds, with 22-inch arms and 64-inch shoulders at 7% body fat in a year. It will not happen for me. And his legs! That said I will set more modest goals.  I want to keep my 48-inch chest. I want to move from 17.5-inch arms to 19-inch arms.  I want to remove another 6 inches from my stomach and 4 inch’s from the waist.

My Trainer - Ron

My plan is simple. Do what the trainer says and do extra cardio. More important I will stick to a diet that I can live with but at the some time will allow me to drop my body fat percentage by 12% That will put me in the mid teens. I can and will do it. Then my goal for February will be…… Just kidding. I will do the year and not get depressed if I hit plateaus. And I will not keep comparing myself to Rob Terry. He is twenty years younger and has been at this for 14 years. I will not catch up to him.

My second resolution is to stop being my own worse enemy. I am not sure how to do this or how to judge progress. All I know is that every one near me from my trainer to my husband tell me that I am my own worst critic and worst enemy. Some days at the gym I can bench 310 lbs. Other days I struggle at 235 pounds. I have the same muscles as before – just a different attitude. I need to be more focus and stop believing he mantra “ those who never try – never fail”.

The last is self-explanatory.  Just do it.


  1. Jerry B says:

    Personally I felt that the before & after pics of yourself that you posted a while back were inspirational

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