Ritchie Coliseum

This weekend in Annapolis is one of my favorite events. University of Maryland vs. Navy Wrestling. When I was an undergraduate I attended the University of Maryland. My Fraternity House, Sigma Alpha Mu was directly next to Ritchie Coliseum. Ritchie was a smaller gym on campus and housed a Gym and the dorm rooms of the Wrestling team. After an incredibly bad snow storm on year the snow drifts between our hours and Ritchie were about 20 feet deep. This inspired the Wrestlers to dive out their windows into the drifts,

Ritchie Coliseum and 2 Fraternity Row

Unfortunately one of them landed in dumpster hitting his head and passing out. It took almost an hour for crews to dig him out. They were pretty but not very smart. Anyway this weekend is the annual match up between the Naval Academy boys and the Maryland Terps. God I love to go to that match. The men’s room that day was more active than a bath house in San Francisco in the ‘70’s. I hope to dig up a few pictures after this weekend but here are some of this years’ Navy Men and Terps.

It was always tough for me to decide who to root for. The boys next door or the boys in blue.





I the the face after penetration!








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