Ted Rudd 1976 – 2011

Posted: February 16, 2012 in Bucket List, Picture of the Day
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Rudd was A Kiwi base-jumper who leapt off mountains and flew along their contours. Base-jumpers freefall away from mountains or other structures using specially designed suits before inflating parachutes to land safely. Rudd to the sport to new extremes. He died this past June during a jump attempt. (Actually the jump went well, it was the landing that caused problems).

According to Mr Rudd’s online autobiography, he experimented with base-jumping as a 19-year-old but was put off by its high mortality rate at the time and a lack of specialist equipment. He returned to the sport when improvements were made.

“Immediately, I knew I had found my niche – being in the outdoors with my close friends in jaw-dropping surroundings … I love my life intensely. My friends and the cool things we can do together make me the luckiest man alive,” he wrote.

In an online interview with a base-jumping website, Mr Rudd talked about safety.

“I have seen a lot of new guys doing crazy shit and I catch myself shaking my head. But base is all about that looseness. I got back into base with no guidance and did a lot of stupid shit that must have alarmed more experienced jumpers. I still do stupid shit, but with a bit more of an idea of consequence.”

It reminds me of a book I read some time ago – “God at the Edge”. about people who are thrill seekers for their high. THis is a video tribute that should be view in full screen.



Experience Freedom from Betty Wants In on Vimeo.

  1. Kathryn says:

    Amazing Video. Really shows the love and the thrill. I can see why anyone would become addicted to such sports. Really a shame about Ted Rudd’s death. This is a great tribute to his memory.

  2. Vas says:

    Ted was a very special friend of mine. He lived for basejumping, it was his life. His energy and zest for life was apparent the second you met him. I will miss him dearly. RIP my lovely Kiwi friend xxx

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