Medical inspection in the early years of war

Posted: March 1, 2012 in Picture of the Day, USMC

During WWII, Life magazine did many photo essays of the lives of the men in  (and out of) uniform. Many of these pictures were done in such  way as to be homoerotic. I wonder if it was actually just showing the reality of the system. Soldiers are trained in such a way as to strip away any semblance of individuality and uniqueness. Also the close quarters left no chance for modesty. The first taste of this life was the medical inspection every new inductee got.. I love black and whit prints and candid photos. Here are some for the record.
















  1. peter says:

    these are great thanks for the post.
    i think admiration of the ideal male figure is a strategy employed by all military institutions.
    desire and shame of ones own body withdraws the perception that difference is negative and ideal, masculinity is the shared goal. male bonding through (erotic) admiration.

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