For readers from the beginning, you realize that I have a love of photography. Having had the opportunity to watch Robert Mapplethorpe shoot and take pictures, to early jobs with local newspapers in the Washington DC area, I love photography. Now that I am backing out of my law practice for good, I want to explore photography more. Winning this contest would be a great kick start. Please help!

The Salvador Dali museum in St. Petersburg Florida is doing a photo contest I have entered. Please go to the site to vote for my picture. (You get 1 vote per day). The winners picture will be featured in an exhibit at the Salvador Dali Museum in St. Petersburg, Florida.Please vote for it once a day. The link to the photo is embedded in the picture. I can be a pain in the ass to register to vote but worth it for me please.

Please Click on Picture to be taken to the voting and registration.

  1. artstylelove says:

    Excellent pic, but there are so many other ways to get your name out there for photography…

  2. Angela Owens says:

    beautiful picture…

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