I’m Back

Posted: September 30, 2012 in book, Depression, My History, Uncategorized
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Well depression made a sudden but mercifully short comeback. Gone it is with renewed excitement I Face a blog.

I’ve had some down time recently as I had a little boo-boo at my first attempt playing softball. On the second swing at my first at-bat, bat met ball and ball went flying. I turned to run to first one long leg striding after another three steps and I heard that pop followed shortly by a thud and a bounce or two. I went down. I got up and tried to stride again to no avail. I fell.

I got up again and waddled to first and went down again. I wish I could say it was something glamorous or exotic. I tore a groin muscle and sprained my ass. I finished out the game in more comical manner hitting nice base hits, moving runners but unable to even walk to first. I also tore a muscle behind the knee. The road rash became infected and I am heavy dosing antibiotics. I just shake my head.

I will play when we get back from Toronto October 3-6. Ed is going to a conference I get to tag along.

Thanks to all those who helped get my picture votes. I ranked 4th and I now have a photo on display at the Salvador Dali Museum in St. Petersburg Florida. Not bad for a new photographer.

On a much sadder side mom just found out at 74 that her Breast cancer has returned.  Spent a lot of time with her recently and will be back and forth to DC. She is coming to terms with loosing her breasts and will be fine.

Got a couple fun stories ahead but wanted to get this one posted as an announcement that I’m back!

  1. RJ says:

    Glad you are back. Have fun in TO and if you want to meet for coffee let me know, I live in TO. All the best.

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