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Although Anthony Weiners’ numbers have gone limp after recent revelations about Carlos, a sports celebrity has faced no shuch backlash.

George Burgess is an English-born player in the National Rugby League of Australia, where he plays for the Sydney Rabbitohs. He has a twin brother, Tom, who also plays on the same team and two other brothers — Sam and Luke — who are also ruggers. At 6-5 and 21 years old, George is a stud. How much of a stud was revealed when two nude self-portraits of himself wound up on someone’s Twitter account and have gone viral. We may never know what Mrs. Burgess fed her four sons but what we can say for sure is that the Burgess brothers — Sam, Luke and twins Tom & George — are each hefty Australian rugby players and together, the hottest siblings on Earth.


The Burgess Brothers


In her day job, Alliance Defense Fund lawyer provides free legal work for Christians working to thwart LGBT rights.  But her other job of producing child pornography just won her eight felony convictions.

Lisa Biron, 43, was accused of videotaping the girl (Her daughter) having sex with two men. Biron faced eight federal indictments on charges of child sexual exploitation, transporting a child across state lines to produce child pornography and possession of child pornography, and was convicted on all of them after the jury deliberated for less than an hour.

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As she was being led away to await her likely lengthy prison sentence, Biron was heard blaming her 14 year-old victim.

RELATED: The Alliance Defense Fund is continuing to scrubtheir Facebook page of mentions of their star attorney and is banning anybody who dares mention her name.

UDPATE: The identity of the victim in the case had been shielded ever since Lisa Biron was arrested as is the standard for victims of sexual abuse. The Associated Press isnow reporting that the victim was her daughter.


Not content with merely waging war on women, Republicans are targeting another enemy of conservatism: education. It appears that the leading elements of the Republican Party truly believe that not only is ignorance bliss, but also blessed. In the class rooms they want  replace critical thinking and evidence base science with the mythology of the bible and “creation science”. In Tennessee this past cycle, a new statute encourages teachers to express skepticism toward,  “scientific subjects, including, but not limited to, biological evolution, the chemical origins of life, and global warming”.

They are still fighting the Scopes Trial and the civil War there and very sensitive to any science that would have blacks and white descending from the same root. Tennessee believes that the blacks were created that way to be slaves and used that justification to fight for god in the Civil War.

Slavery is not an institution that developed itself. Many people used the Bible as their justification of slavery. In the book of Genesis, chapter 9, Noah ‘s youngest son Ham saw the nakedness of his father and did not covered him. It was his brothers who covered him. Noah then cursed Ham to be a servant to his brothers forever, Genesis 9:25-26 “Cursed be Canaan! The lowest of slaves will he be to his brothers”. This is known to be the first act of slavery that people argue is sanctioned by God. Many interpret Ham’s curse as placed upon people of darker skin color, Africans more specifically. Some use the phrase “Mark of Canna.” The argument is that since Ham’s descendants were to be slaves forever and Africans were already slaves and inferior then they should remain in slavery. Visit to learn more about Ham’s curse and Biblical references to slavery.

Slaveholders justified the practice by citing the Bible,

They asked who could question the Word of God when it said, “slaves, obey your earthly masters with fear and trembling” (Ephesians 6:5), or “tell slaves to be submissive to their masters and to give satisfaction in every respect” (Titus 2:9).

That is why the R’s push to have the Bible taught in schools.  They think it is better to hear it taught from “people of authority” rather than parents or religious people. In order to sustain Christianity, at least their type of it, you need people to not think critically or ask probing questions. More important you need people who can ignore science and accept the absurd as truth.

Faith becomes more important than truth and every question has a true or false answer. That is why they push for standardized testing that reinforces the idea that there is an answer to every question already. Senator James Inhofe of Oklahoma likes to shout, “Global warming is a hoax”. He’s a US senator rolling in cash courtesy of oil and gas corporations. This somehow qualifies him to say that while 97% of climate scientists accept anthropogenic climate change, that “doesn’t mean anything”. His peer-reviewed journal of choice is the Bible: “Genesis 8:22: ‘as long as the earth remains there will be springtime and harvest, cold and heat, winter and summer, day and night’. My point is, God’s still up there. The arrogance of people to think that we, human beings, would be able to change what He is doing in the climate is to me outrageous.”

The republicans need stupid people to exist as a party and in America they are home to 49% of the voters.Image

America’s Greatest!

Posted: October 31, 2012 in Current Events

A lot of ink has been used in recent month examining the change in the Republican party. My take is a little different.

The R’s have become the home of the Evangelical wing of Christian churches and the former John Birchers’. The John Birchers are the most interesting additions to the party. They were the first to migrate to the party when President Nixon embarked on his southern strategy to win re-election. The John Birchers’ were previously the dixicrats or southern democrats that Nixon and the Republicans targeted.  The John Birch Society is a political advocacy group that, in their words, supports anti-communism, limited government, a constitutional republic and personal freedom. The society upholds an originalist interpretation of the U.S. Constitution, which it identifies with fundamental Christian principles, seeks to limit governmental powers, and opposes wealth redistribution, and economic interventionism. It not only opposes the practices it terms collectivism, totalitarianism, and communism, but socialism and fascism as well, which it asserts is infiltrating US governmental administration. Congressman Larry McDonald (D-Georgia), (who I worked for in 1978) then its newly appointed president, characterized the society as belonging to the Old Right rather than the New Right.

The society opposed aspects of the 1960s civil rights movement and claimed the movement had communists in important positions. The Society produced a flyer titled “What’s Wrong With Civil Rights?,” which was used as a newspaper advertisement. The group is Anti-Semitic, racist, anti-Mormon, anti-Masonic, and filled with a paranoid fervor. They are against the trilateral commission and at one time tried to tie the Queen of England to an international drug cartel. The UN’s role in the Gulf War and President George H.W. Bush’s call for a ‘New World Order’ appeared to many society members to validate their claims about a ”One World Government” conspiracy. It should surprise no one that Chuck Colson, convicted White House Aide to Nixon, (found Jesus in jail) was an architect of the Southern Strategy for Republicans as well as a supporter and leader of the Family. The “Family” is the secretive evangelical group responsible for the National Prayer Breakfast and the infamous “C Street House”. I lived in another one of their houses while in college. Sen Brownback (R-KA) in 1999, joined together with fellow Family members, Senators Strom Thurmond and Don Nickles to demand a criminal investigation of Americans United for the Separation of Church and State. They run a convert operation and have a burnt earth policy against those who challenge them.

What do these two groups have in common? Both need to feed upon people with low analytical skills and suffer some form of paranoia. The average member of each group is less educated then average and believe the world to be seen in terms of black and white, us against them. There is no room for nuance. In one group there is a constant undertone of conspiracies set to undermine their lives. The others group has that plus a belief that there are invisible forces at work that only they understand because of their special calling. There is an invisible force that created the universe and they have a special intimate relationship with. Because of this relationship they get special treasures after they die. While alive they are give a special insight into the universe. They need to see the world in terms of black and white. The Devil is out to destroy them and their way of life with temptation. This is why they eschew facts and reality because there is no proof to substitute their belief patterns in both cases. Therefore evidence base science directly challenges their belief and cause them to lash out.

(Part 2 – Why they hate education)

This morning was my weekly head shrinking. One of my greatest fears is becoming addicted to therapy. How do I know when I am all-better, cured. I’m happier. There is no doubt about that. More stable but how do I know when my mood disorder is over? Thoughts? I am in a better mood.

My therapist relayed a story from when he was in school and was told by a professor that they were not allowed to judge anyone for any reason. My thought becomes that if we as a society do not point out unacceptable behavior. I am a much bigger believer now in the “social contract”. I believe as a society we have let too many people off the hook for their actions whether it be obesity or living off the government dole on manufactured disabilities. Unless people are held accountable for their actions this kind of behavior will continue. My therapist calls this being judgmental. If so then I guess I always will be judgmental. I do now wonder whether this is healthy for me or not. I don’t see it changing. Thoughts?

Anyway, enough psychoanalyzing myself, I’ll save that for the professionals. I’m going to count down to Toronto. Two more days and Ed and I actually get to spend time together. He’s been working so much and so hard for so long it’s going to pleasant to be off the grid. Save for a few phone calls or Skype calls to my mother the following six days will be off the grid. I will however try to keep people posted through the blog and Facebook as Internet allows.

THis weekend St. Petersburg with host the opening party for the Republican National Convention. In an effort to make sure the elected politicians do not have to meet the voters the City has received a million dollar grant to help with security. This is NO financial benefit to the City from this party. and the city is investing hundreds of hours in “sprucing up the City for visitors who will be kept away form the local by an extensive security Labyrinth. I stop today to take a few pictures of the barricaded and was stopped by two police with in three min. questioned and asked for ID. Along with my driver’s license I presented them with my Florida Bar card and that made things go MUCH SMOOTHER. 

Here are a couple of the pictures I took today.


About 98% of the people are missing the point on Chik-fil-A. IT IS NOT A FREE SPEECH ISSUE. The founder/CEO can have his medieval opinions and say what he wants. It is not about religion (unless your religion allows for the killing of people they do not like). It is about murder and torture.

Chik fil-A donated FIVE MILLION DOLLARS to two groups. One group is the spearhead behind the kill the gays bill in Uganda and several other African Nations which would obligate the government to KILL homosexuals and other sexual minorities within their borders. The other group funds the Gay Reparative Therapy programs. The program that uses physical pain in an attempt to make gays straight. A program that the American Psychological Association has rejected as without merit. A program whose left citing its’ total lack of success. A program that leaves physical and mental scars that last a lifetime.

If you want to eat at Chic Fil-A do it. Just remember a few cents from every sandwich goes to support efforts to kill and torture me and people like me around the world. If you are ok with that then clearly you don’t give a crap about me.

A friend had the perfect response.

It was a poem by an anti nazi activist Martin Niemöller that explains eloquently the need for people to stand up and say NO, that’s not right.

First they came for the communists,
and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a communist.
Then they came for the trade unionists,
and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a trade unionist.
Then they came for the Jews,
and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a Jew.
Then they came for me
and there was no one left to speak out for me

For readers from the beginning, you realize that I have a love of photography. Having had the opportunity to watch Robert Mapplethorpe shoot and take pictures, to early jobs with local newspapers in the Washington DC area, I love photography. Now that I am backing out of my law practice for good, I want to explore photography more. Winning this contest would be a great kick start. Please help!

The Salvador Dali museum in St. Petersburg Florida is doing a photo contest I have entered. Please go to the site to vote for my picture. (You get 1 vote per day). The winners picture will be featured in an exhibit at the Salvador Dali Museum in St. Petersburg, Florida.Please vote for it once a day. The link to the photo is embedded in the picture. I can be a pain in the ass to register to vote but worth it for me please.

Please Click on Picture to be taken to the voting and registration.

The Salvador Dali museum in St. Petersburg Florida is doing a photo contest I have entered. Please go to the site to vote for my picture. (You get 1 vote per day). The winners picture will be featured in an exhibit at the Salvador Dali Museum in St. Petersburg, FLorida.Please vote for it once a day. The link to the photo is embedded in the picture.

Please Click on Picture to be taken to the voting and registration.