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Although Anthony Weiners’ numbers have gone limp after recent revelations about Carlos, a sports celebrity has faced no shuch backlash.

George Burgess is an English-born player in the National Rugby League of Australia, where he plays for the Sydney Rabbitohs. He has a twin brother, Tom, who also plays on the same team and two other brothers — Sam and Luke — who are also ruggers. At 6-5 and 21 years old, George is a stud. How much of a stud was revealed when two nude self-portraits of himself wound up on someone’s Twitter account and have gone viral. We may never know what Mrs. Burgess fed her four sons but what we can say for sure is that the Burgess brothers — Sam, Luke and twins Tom & George — are each hefty Australian rugby players and together, the hottest siblings on Earth.


The Burgess Brothers



Posted: July 21, 2013 in Rugby

When I lived in Washington DC the Washington Rugby Club hung out at Micky’s Bar two doors down from my apartment. It did not take me long to discover the joys of rugby. The game was intense to watch or play (I played summer sevens one year). MOre important were the post games drinking binges. Nothing like a little liquor to dull the pain of a good game. Even thought were was a great deal of contact during the parties, no other sport allows for as much on the field contact.


Who looks Gay here? Ian Roberts professional rugby star (R)

Recently someone told me that I did not look Gay. I have heard it before. I used to take it as a complement. As I thought about it, although I am sure he meant it as a compliment, it really isn’t. For years I had issues dealing with homosexuality. As I mentioned yester, the only “know” gays were people like Paul Lynde and Liberace. I knew they didn’t look like me and I asked myself, if I am gay, am I going to grow into that? As I met more and more people, my gaydar became more and more refined, I was relived to find out that I did not have to grow into that. Comments like you don’t look gay made me happy and smug. (Gardar is, according to the urban dictionary, similar to Spiderman’s Spidey-sense, except where Spiderman’s spidey-sense detects imminent danger, a gaydar detects a homosexual nearby, either thru hearing the tone of one’s voice or observing the style of their movement or other sub-conscious abilities, which sets off the realization that this person may prefer members of the same sex.)

My usual response now is to reply along the lines, “neither do you” or “and  you didn’t look stupid. Should gays take it as offensive when people say that, or should we take the time to correct them on stupid comments? Along the same lines, people treat the term bottom as a pejorative term. Come on! Bottoming is fun. I said it! I own it! Yes, it hurts sometimes and can be messy, (Santorum is just not a homophobic ass-wipe). It is entertaining. There are lots of guys (In St. Pete lots and lots and lots) who only like to bottom. There are couples that are both bottoms and take turns grudgingly topping. There are also lots of tops that only like to top. Topping is fun too. But if topping is like “It’s-a-Small-World” ride at Disney, then bottoming is like Space Mountain! Why do we treat the term so negatively? I think that by doing so we are giving n to the eons of straight male thought that the person screwing is more powerful than the screwed. Ever hear of Power-bottom?

Any way, back to the original point. How should we respond to people who tell us we don’t look gay?

  1. “Thank-you”, and leave it at that?
  2. “And neither do you!”
  3. Ask them “What does gay look like?”
  4. Another option?

Clearly I am what gay looks like since I am going to continue to look like me. I am curious….

As a continuation of yesterdays theme concerning the repression of the body, I thought it would be fun to follow up with a little story about rugby. The vast number of au natural rugby calendars is evidence of the complete comfort level most ruggers have with their body. Most are not classically handsome. Most are average at best. They are however not necessarily proud of their bodies. They  definitely are not concerned with what others think though. They realize that the body is a machine. When you play a game as rough as rugby, with barley a layer of cloth over some parts of your body for protection, the body is bound to become scarred. Like soldiers of old, a rugger is proud of his scars and will take any opportunity to display them.  In many ways rugby is a throw back to the early Greek and Roman way of playing sports. Limited protection and great physicality.

While I work on my year end post please enjoy some rugby from down under.

The nude version of the Kiwi All Blacks rugby team, the Nude Blacks, have had a lot of coverage on the internet for their naked rugby playing, and this is a good video of their Haka. The Haka is a traditional Maori intimidation ritual designed to scare opponents off.

Rugby Le haka des Nude Blacks from Joshua Le on Vimeo.