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Classic Locker Rooms

Posted: October 28, 2012 in Picture of the Day, Sports

There was a time when the body was not something to be ashamed of. Before the avant of fast food and no PE classes. Correlation?




With all the flesh and tight clothes, the Olympics are providing some great Eye Candy. Ready for some?

Here are some pictures from the inter tubes from the world of Wrestling including the first  group shot of the 2012 US Olympic Wrestling Team.













TGIF and time for a couple recent wrestling pictures.


The season is over and there are thousands of new tourney pictures available. I present a small sampeling.

Weekend Wrestling!

Posted: March 3, 2012 in Sports, Wrestling
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Tough time of year. March Madness in NCAA MBB gives way to the NCAA MW. So random pictures to get us through the madness.


















Friday can mean only one thing. Wrestling pictures from around the inter-webs.








Weekend Wrestling

Posted: February 11, 2012 in Sports, Wrestling

Video By USA Wrestling. Check out the 1st Place action at the 2012 Dave Schultz Memorial International in the GR 96 KG division with Justin Ruiz of NYAC vs. Mohammed Abdelfattah of Egypt. TheMat.TV

Other Pictures from around the internet.

Like most things in my life, I put off tasks until I am confronted with a deadline. Thus are my New Years resolutions. I have found numerous reasons to avoid them and finally acquiesced in facing them.  I think there are three resolutions for the year.

First, I resolve to make this the last year I resolve to “get in shape.” For as long as I member I have made this resolution and year after year I fail. I fail for three main reasons. One is that I never really define what the term means. Second I do not set realistic expectations. And third, I lack discipline to really change.

So this year I do it right. As I mentioned earlier I had put on serious weight over the years.. Over the past year I dropped 40 pounds and considered the year a failure. I dropped 7 inch’s off my stomach; 6inch’s off the waist and an inch from the neck and considered the year a failure. I beat myself up over the failure of not achieving my ideal weight/body-fat/look in twelve months. I thought I could set aside 18 years of wedding cake in twelve months. This year my goals are a bit more modest.

Today at the gym I talked to Rob Terry. Yes, I want to be built like Rob Terry. What I have to remember is that he did not become 297 pounds, with 22-inch arms and 64-inch shoulders at 7% body fat in a year. It will not happen for me. And his legs! That said I will set more modest goals.  I want to keep my 48-inch chest. I want to move from 17.5-inch arms to 19-inch arms.  I want to remove another 6 inches from my stomach and 4 inch’s from the waist.

My Trainer - Ron

My plan is simple. Do what the trainer says and do extra cardio. More important I will stick to a diet that I can live with but at the some time will allow me to drop my body fat percentage by 12% That will put me in the mid teens. I can and will do it. Then my goal for February will be…… Just kidding. I will do the year and not get depressed if I hit plateaus. And I will not keep comparing myself to Rob Terry. He is twenty years younger and has been at this for 14 years. I will not catch up to him.

My second resolution is to stop being my own worse enemy. I am not sure how to do this or how to judge progress. All I know is that every one near me from my trainer to my husband tell me that I am my own worst critic and worst enemy. Some days at the gym I can bench 310 lbs. Other days I struggle at 235 pounds. I have the same muscles as before – just a different attitude. I need to be more focus and stop believing he mantra “ those who never try – never fail”.

The last is self-explanatory.  Just do it.


As we approach New Years Eve and the inevitable resolutions concerning weight loss, I thought it would be a good thing to post a little information. Scott Herman has a great series of training videos on YouTube. Here is a recent one.