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ImageGeorge Quaintance (June 3, 1902 – November 8, 1957) was an American artist, famous for his “idealized, strongly homoerotic depictions of men in mid-20th-century physique magazines. Using historical settings to justify the nudity or distance the subjects from modern society, his art featured idealized muscular, semi-nude or nude male figures; Wild West settings were a common motif. His artwork helped establish the stereotype of the “macho stud” who was also homosexual. He was an influence on many later homoerotic artists, such as Tom of Finland.

Quaintance, who died in 1957, lived and worked during an era when homosexuality was repressed, when his joyful paintings and physique photos could not depict a penis. In an era before Stonewall, the sexual revolution, gay rights and the AIDS crisis, Quaintance and his high-camp erotic art existed in a demi-monde of borderline legality.

Half a century on, the masculine fantasy world created by Quaintance, populated by Latin lovers, lusty cowboys and chiseled ranch hands, retains its seductive allure. His highly prized paintings—numbering just 55—rarely come to auction, instead selling privately for undisclosed sums. As the preeminent ‘male physique’ artist of the 1940s and early ’50s, his work for Physique Pictorial, Demi-Gods and Body Beautiful inspired a generation of artists like Tom of Finland, Harry Bush, Etienne, and other, lesser stars in their constellation.

TASCHEN’s Quaintance traces his remarkable life story and reintroduces his colorful, kitschy and culturally resonant paintings—works that made George Quaintance the most popular and successful physique artist of his time, and one of its most intriguing figures. A must have Coffee Table book.

Happy New Year

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Happy New Year

Happy New Year

Repost from Last Xmas

This past Christmas I was accused of persecuting christians again on Facebook because I posted a little ditty “Help keep the X in Xmas! My response last year still stands! Frack’m if they can’t take a joke!

The only thing the Republicans are ready to play, as usual, is roulette, with the cocked gun against the country’s temple, unfortunately, and not their own. It’s worth taking a moment in this context to consider: Never have the priorities for survival and success of a major party’s Washington politicians been so utterly at odds with the priorities required for the country’s survival and success. These Washington Republicans represent the one-third of the country that hates government, despises Obama, and considers obstruction victory.



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Can’t wait for summer (or Belize) to go swimming again. Print by George Quaintance (1902-1957)

Bill Maher has the BEST summary of reasons to re-elect President Obama.

Well depression made a sudden but mercifully short comeback. Gone it is with renewed excitement I Face a blog.

I’ve had some down time recently as I had a little boo-boo at my first attempt playing softball. On the second swing at my first at-bat, bat met ball and ball went flying. I turned to run to first one long leg striding after another three steps and I heard that pop followed shortly by a thud and a bounce or two. I went down. I got up and tried to stride again to no avail. I fell.

I got up again and waddled to first and went down again. I wish I could say it was something glamorous or exotic. I tore a groin muscle and sprained my ass. I finished out the game in more comical manner hitting nice base hits, moving runners but unable to even walk to first. I also tore a muscle behind the knee. The road rash became infected and I am heavy dosing antibiotics. I just shake my head.

I will play when we get back from Toronto October 3-6. Ed is going to a conference I get to tag along.

Thanks to all those who helped get my picture votes. I ranked 4th and I now have a photo on display at the Salvador Dali Museum in St. Petersburg Florida. Not bad for a new photographer.

On a much sadder side mom just found out at 74 that her Breast cancer has returned.  Spent a lot of time with her recently and will be back and forth to DC. She is coming to terms with loosing her breasts and will be fine.

Got a couple fun stories ahead but wanted to get this one posted as an announcement that I’m back!

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Ed and I got MArried on our 18th anniversary in Washington DC. I have had family members drop me because of the way I berate “Christians”. My attitude is not one of looking for acceptance but demanding respect. If you cannot give me the respect I deserve as a human, then fuck ya! I don’t know why I just heard Joan Crawford in my head!

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Straight Man Perspective

My younger brother is gay. Gay as laughter. Gay as the day is long. One of the finest moments in my life, and one of the greatest compliments anyone has ever paid me, was the day he felt safe to come out to me. He’s in his mid-30s now, but he’ll always be my little brother. And man, I love that kid. He’s brilliant, he’s funny, and he’s kind. And he just married a phenomenal man.

I was always predisposed to like his husband because, y’know, he’s my brother’s partner and therefore has automatic status in my heart. The wonderful bonus is that I really like him. He’s brilliant, he’s funny, and he’s kind. He’s a cool dude to hang out with. He also stood by my brother like a rock when my brother had a life-threatening cancer that cost him his left eye.

They married in May. It was…

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Chilean gymnast Tomas GONZALEZ finished just out of medal contention in the men’s floor exercise event final although he has won for the best ’70’s porn stach.