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5919365.fdd95728.560 12179166.bbd5cb58.560 Bagged_560 Enlisting in the Marines, 1941



Our Men in uniform  From 2cents down under!

As I continue to attempt to bring order to my digital collect I am finding fun old photos. I hope you enjoy more military recruits.


As I clean and clear my hard drives, I am finding more and more “Classic Military Photos” I figures I would post a couple and say that I will return to normal blogging with in a day or two. Things are much better. And no, I won’t share my meds! 😉












James Bingham was a naval officer and advertising genius in his day. His clients included The Airlines of the United States (a travel association), Association of Railroads (Travel association), Maxwell House Coffee, Gulf Oil, Cannon Towels, Caterpillar Tractor, Philadelphia Whisky, Alcoa Steamship Company, Champion Spark Plugs and U S Steel. The main purpose of advertising during this period was to build brand loyalty tied to support of our troops and the war effort with an eye towards post war consumerism.

His ads seem to be the precursor to the A&F style ad layout. Close to soft core porn as you could get in mainstream publications (Life etc.) in those days. Here are some towel ads. They could have easily been done by Tom of Finland. They ran in all the big magazines. And apparently gays in the military aren’t a new thing either.













Over the past few weeks I have been trying to organize my digital and hard copy pictures and came accross a bunch of classic military pictures including a couple “scrap books” done by Germans in WWII. SOme pictures show how little things have changed over the years. Especially in the area of personal grooming and needs.

From taking a shower;














To taking a dump,













and Sleeping;




And some of the pictures are just clearly a WTF moment.





Over the next weeks and months I hope to post some of my collection.

I love bored military!

Posted: February 10, 2012 in Picture of the Day, USMC

Two of my favorite fetishes are Marines and Wrestling. It doesn’t really matter to me if it is just messing around for fun or competitive I love it all. I love the contact and pure one on one of wrestling. As I mentioned earlier, Ed was active in the Spartan Wrestling club in Philadelphia when we met. Later, when I had the Tampa Eagle in the 1990’s, Ed coached a wrestling club that competed at the Gay Games in Amsterdam. So I am going to leave you with some pictures for the weekend of the mash-up of these two great themes! MARINES and WRESTLING

After the boys at the base saw my photo albums a few of them wanted to come by for ‘private” photo shoots. One in particular was Jeff. He played FrenchHorn in the USMC band. That meant he had great, strong lips. Perfect for blowing.

As well as the perfect lips, he was a massive bottom with a big instrument.He also loved his bike. He was a regular at the house. Here are a few of his pictures one with my ex Steven.

One of the guilty pleasure’s of living on Capitol Hill in Washington DC was the endless supply of new meat. I had a good camera with a nice telephoto lens and was always taking pictures on the Mall of tourist and locals at work and play.

I was caught once by a marine taking pictures and so I explained I was working on a portfolio so I could apply for a job with the Washington Post or a magazine. Well instead of being upset, he asked if I would be interested in taking pictures of him and his motorcycle. Over the next few months I shot roll after roll of him and his buddies. As I find them, if there is interest, I will post them. Until then…..

Regular blogging will return Monday. Family in town and cooking dinner here.