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Posted: April 15, 2013 in My History, Team Edward
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About twenty years ago I went to Mardi Gras and stayed with my oldest (long term) friend Scott Newman. Scott had been after me to come try this card reader. He was trying to figure her out because she was so good and on target. He thought she was the real deal. As a person who has seen and talked to dead people since I was very young I love to debunk frauds and others when ever necessary so they don’t do harm. He took me to Jackson Square where she has a booth and I paid my $20. She did a tarot spread which I recognized from doing my own readings. She looked at me and then the cards and back at me. FInally she asked if there is some one in my life – name beginning with the letter “J”. I responded “Lady that is not even a 1 in 12 shot since there are are more Jack and Judy and Janet’s than Xenna’s. She blurted back ok Jeff. I was taken back. Jeff was the name of the kid I was dating at the the time. Seems like every time one of us wanted to settle down the other one did not. Went on like this for two years. I responded back to the woman “Maybe”. not wanting to give to much away. She said that he and I had been at it for 5000 years and we still couldn’t get it right. Along with some other things she said I was convinced that she was the real deal. Before I left she said my life would be changed in a month or so. A month and a half later I met. Ed.

The story doesn’t end there. I went back for Southern Decadence that year and was walking through Jackson Square. The woman recognized me from six months earlier and wanted to read my cards again. (I don’t think she need cards to read.) I went over to her booth and was told that I was not dating that kid anymore but had indeed found a soul mate. By that time Ed and I were and solid item. So maybe after twenty years I still believe that I have a soul mate and I can relax a bit.