Why am I writing?

This past December I attended the National Writers Workshop during my birthday weekend. For years I felt that I had several books waiting to come out but never the organizational  skill to put them to paper (or hard-drive as the case may be).

One of the perks of the course was a private, 30 minute, one-on-one with one of the instructors. After talking about my organizational issues he asked me “What is the one book that I can write best?” I responded that clearly the answer for that is the same for everyone. Their Autobiography!

He respond – fine – sell me on your life. “Why would someone want to read about you?”

I told him the 30 years ago that very weekend I was a patient at NIH in Bethesda Maryland with what turned out to be my first AIDS infection. In the following thirty years I had gone to law school passed the Bar exam in three states. I had been at lunch with Queen Elizabeth and Dinner with Prince Charles. I have twice been given life expectancy measured in months. I did experiential drug studies. I never took AZT. I had scored drugs for Sid Vicious and run a male escort service in Washington DC. Been to parties where I held two congressional seats in one night. Taught hustlers how to hustle and pole dancers how to shake their money maker. I advanced and worked in senior positions on two National political campaigns. I had been hunted down by the FBI and congressional investigators.

He looked at and, mouth open and a dazed look and asked, “your fucking with me aren’t you?” Shaking my head no he went on and asked why I have never written this book. I said, in my best sarcastic voice – “The story isn’t over.”

This blog is my attempt to remember the event and details of my life with the lessons learned. Maybe test out story lines for the books I wanted to write and observation of current events. It’s my blog, my life – don’t like it – don’t live it. The one reoccurring theme is that I am tired of people being victims. Life deals you a hand. It is your to deal with. Everyone has their own issues and you should expect no one else to deal with your.

This is why I’m writing. I hope to update it every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Some will be history, some will be commentary on current events and some will be pretty pictures.

  1. JDW says:

    As I am a lover of the piano , Vladimir Horowitz and Bill in Exile , I should say your blog surprises me. I didnt think there was anything on the web in addition to what I already read. I have a grand and I play, some of my greatest joy and least loneliness comes when I am at one with the piano. Dwight Williamson

    • skintop says:

      Thanks. I hear that over and and over about people who are able to lose themselves in the piano. I will begin. I love the simplicity and complexity that is music from a piano.

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